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Dear Criminals - Lies in blue

Director: Dominique T Skoltz

Synopsis: Music video for the Montreal band “Dear Criminals”.

Bio: Born in Montreal (Canada), in 1973. Lives and works in Montreal (Canada). Multidisciplinary artist, photographer, filmmaker, Dominique T Skoltz shares her time between here and elsewhere, between creation on command and free creation. Her polymorphic work carries a signature that distinguishes her instantly, no matter her avatars. It is recognizable by this lively, sensitive gaze, most often focused on the invisible and fascinated by the interstices between the hypermaîtrisé, the intimate and the clinic. She has signed several installations, performances and films that delve into the organic relationship between sound and image. Whether in Asia, Europe, South America or North America, her works, often unclassifiable, have established themselves in the media arts circuit. These works have been presented in more than eighty festivals, events and museums, including Ars Electronica in Austria, the Venice Biennale in Italy and the Pompidou Museum in Paris. Over the years, several of his works have been rewarded in prestigious competitions or have found their place with important institutions. Her practice occupies simultaneously many territories with porous borders: film, installation, performance, sound art, photography. Since 2009, the work of Dominique T Skoltz revolves around the intimate & autobiographical. In 2013, she undertakes an autobiographical exploration work with the “y2o” project. From its first sketches, y2o was conceived as a tentacular project, deploying itself also in the form of installations, photographs and other sculptural objects. A complex universe that revealed the pluralistic interiorities of a couple. A first movement called “nerves” was selected by Commissioner Louise Simard as part of the “Projections” series at the Musée d’art contemporain in Montreal. Then the y2o film object, in its integral or “distilled” form, extends its trajectory to nearly forty international festivals, including the Brooklyn Film Festival, Tampere Film Festival, Ars Electronica to name a few. Then, Dominique T Skoltz proposes an adaptation ‘in_situ’, in installation mode at Center Phi in Montreal then at L’Arsenal Toronto. In November 2015, following the acquisition of “y2o huis clos » by the Majudia collection, the Arsenal Contemporary Art Montréal presented y2o_dualities, a complete version, revealing the plurality of mediums used by Dominique T Skoltz. Dominique T Skoltz takes a keen look at our ambiguities, our contradictions, the contrast between interiority and the facade that everyone offers to the face of the world, “both sides of the skin”. An architect of interiority, she is interested in the inexpressible substance of life. She presently works on the development of her first feature film.

Program: Beauty, Sex & Shame – VAEFF 2020

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