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One Chump Left

One Chump Left // Meg Case and Brad Porter

Director: Meg Case and Brad Porter

Synopsis: An experimental video-game-video creating and demonstrating a transaction between subject and object’s relationships to movement, undressed by the superficial. A marketplace where gaze is bought and sold. Press any button to start.

Bio: Meg Case and Brad Porter are Brooklyn-based artists and filmmakers splitting their time between commercial and non-commercial image making. Their work seeks to dismantle the manipulative nature of the “filmmaking” industry which capitalizes on producer/consumer systems of coercion, a culture which knowingly utilizes mind-numbing aesthetics to create an uninformed yet entertained (mindless) consumer. Their works explore the intersection of exploitative power structures and the continual becoming of each person through the liberating medium of experimental filmmaking.

Program: Beauty, Sex & ShameVAEFF 2022

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