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Director: Javier Cano Larumbe

Synopsis: “Saphi” is an adventure to our origins, back to our roots and the deepest of our essence. A vision of free femininity in a journey which connects our inner selves through nature and the world around us.

Bio:  J. Cano Larumbe cursed Film studies in ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema de Catalunya), where he graduated in Film direction. During the period in this school, he made his first short film called “Interferencias” and the fashion film “D.O. by Stella Coll”.

The first time his dad took him to a movie theater, he spent the whole movie just watching the light halo going through the projector’s room window to the big screen, since then and after that magical moment, his vision still being the same and didn’t change the kid who lives between reality and fantasy.

His work has been selected in international film festivals as La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival (United States), Berlin Commercial (Germany), Bokeh International Fashion Film Festival (South Africa), and Aesthetica Short Film Festival (United Kingdom) among others.

Nowadays, he combines his commercial work and writing what it will be his first feature film while working on his next two short films, being one of them an animation one.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion  VAEFF 2022

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