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The North Face SS22

The North Face SS22 // leone

Director: Leone

Synopsis: Fueled by the desire to Never Stop Exploring, The North Face SS22 takes us on a journey into another dimension. Produced by C41 and directed by Leone, the campaign celebrates the brand’s timeless NSE collection by crafting a new world in which time and space are of no consequence. Surreal landscapes and unknown portals shape this uncharted territory, inviting us to wander, free our minds and uncover our own personal stories in a world where exploration knows no limits.

Bio: LEONE is an award-winning film director and photographer, born and raised in San Salvo and based in Milan. Though he has lived in a big city for years, LEONE has kept with him and as part of his work a predilection for all those things reminding him of his past and his home. He likes creating extraordinary stories, often with a refined comic twist even in tragedy. LEONE likes nice stories, but mostly he likes to tell them nicely. That’s why in 2010 he started K48, his very own production company based in Milan. In 2016 he became publisher and partner of C41 Magazine. In 2021 C41 magazine and K48 blended their worlds into a company called, a creative production company. LEONE is represented by and Bollywood Productions.

Program: Color, Movement & Fashion VAEFF 2022

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