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Mission Complete

Director: Jara Moravec

Synopsis: This film charts the stream of consciousness of a woman waiting outside a shopping mall for a Tinder date. She keeps waiting, letting her imagination run wild. Nervous about their first date, her dreams and ambitions come to the surface, some of them running very deep. What is she looking for in life? Is romance still relevant in today’s world? Are things really so different now than they were three, four, and five centuries ago?

Bio: I’m an award winning multi-disciplined freelance director, motion designer and editor of commercials for global brands such as; BBC, Channel 4, Vodafone, McLaren, American Express, Heineken, Tommee Tippee, BT, Virgin and Google. I specialise in design-led work combining graphically composed live action with stylised art direction and visual effects. My work often evokes a mystical or heightened reality aesthetic always with plenty of emotion and humanity.

Program: Between Fashion and Music – VAEFF 2023

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